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Osaka Voluntary Action Center

Welcome to Osaka Voluntary Action Center Website!!
Osaka Voluntary Action Center (OVAC) is a non-profit organization which was set up under the mission of promoting volunteerism in Osaka and Kansai area. OVAC was founded in 1965, supporting variety of civil activities to develop energetically. (Our history)

OVAC has been striving to encourage, support, and motivate citizens to tackle various social issues. In the process we have constructed our comprehensive functions to energize civil activities. We provide networking opportunities for volunteers and NPOs, investigate current topics of volunteer activities and conduct research on how to strengthen NPO organizations.

Our Activities - What does OVAC do?

No.1 Volounteer Coordination
#Provides information about volunteer activities and NPOs to people who are interested in volunteer activities by telephone, the Internet or in person.
*We provide this service for person living and currently staying in Kansai Area.
#Offering volunteer insurance in case of accidents.
No.2 Supporting & Consultation
#Providing meeting facilities as well as access to office equipment
#Consultation regarding group management.
#Providing a wide range of support for building and strengthening organizational infrastructure.
#Giving clients advice on their projects.
#Helping to conduct liaisons with grant-making agencies.
No.3 Citizenship Education
#Organizing a wide variety of learning opportunities for citizens.
No.4 Informations
#Publishing a bimonthly magazine "Volo" and
#Utilizing IT media to provide activity information.
No.5 Research & Advocacy
#Serving as a think tank for research, analysis, advice, and commentary on civil activities.
#Practicing policy advocacy.

OVAC History

OVAC was established in 1965.
A lot has happen at OVAC up to now.Following is a very brief history.

June, 1963 Volunteer groups in Osaka City came together and started to have monthly coordination meetings.
November, 1965 "Volunteer Association Osaka Bureau" was established as a non-official organization.
"Volunteer Introductory Courses" was offered as the first volunteer course in Japan. ( Since then, we have been providing various kind of training & educational course for volunteers.)
July, 1966 Published the first volunteer magazine "Gekkan Volunteer" (monthly volunteer).
July, 1967 Published specialized book &"Volunteer Service" and 3 other books.
(Since then, we have been expanding our publication activities.)
June, 1969 The status of the organization changed to the corporate Juridical person and named "Osaka Voluntary Action Center".
May, 1971 Applied "Volunteer Staff Participation System" to operate OVAC by member's free will.
May, 1973 Started to provide volunteer information constantly through newspapers.
June, 1976 Offered "Training Course for Volunteer Coordinators". The first course in Japan.
July, 1984 Offered short term experience program "Summer Volunteer Project" as the first experience course in Osaka ( Kansai ) Area.
October, 1991 Established "Center for Corporate Citizenship" and started to work for partnership between companies and volunteer groups.
July, 1993 The status of OVAC changed to a social welfare corporation.
August, 1994 Developed and started operation of data base system, VIS (Volunteer Information System).
January, 1995 Organized temporary support center "Citizen Groups for supporting victims of the Great Hanshin Earthquake".
November, 1996 Participated in establishment of "Japan NPO Center" and sent a staff there.
July, 1999 Established "Non-profit Resource Center ".
November 2001 Established the Steering Committee for Citizen Empowerment Center.
April 2002 Opened the "Osaka NPO Plaza"
January 2003 Redesigned the volunteer magazine and renamed it "Volo: Comprehensive Informational Magazine for Civil Activities"
May 2003 Started the new volunteer information distribution website "KVNET".
April 2005 Get started "Kansai NPO Support Center Network"(KNN)
May 2005 Get started "Kansai CSR Forum" which aims at expansion of value of the enterprise
September 2009 Opened the "Research for Voluntarism Institute"
March 2011 Provided various support for the Great East Japan Earthquake. Held an event, called 3.11 from Kansai, which is reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2012.
March 2013 Closed the "Osaka NPO Plaza"
April 2013 Opened the "Civil and Voluntary Action Square -CANVAS Tanimachi"
NPO : Non-profit Organization

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